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27 Jun 2016
The Wonder of Faces - Allure by LH Taylor - Austin beauty and boudoir

The Wonder of Faces

have mentioned before to others how much I love people’s faces. I study them closely when I meet people, paying attention to their expressions, how their mouth moves when they pronounce certain syllables, whether their eyebrows are expressive when they talk. It’s my way of getting to know people, but it’s also a subconscious habit borne out of my photography. I’m sure it sounds weird to say “You have a beautifully well-defined philtrum!” or “Your nostrils (nares) are so interesting!” So […]

24 Jun 2016
Be the sexy you want to be - Allure by LH Taylor, beauty and boudoir

Be the Sexy You Want To Be

ave you ever seen someone in a movie or a magazine and thought, “Wow, she looks so sexy!” That tiny voice in the back of your mind that whispers, “I wish I felt as sexy as she looks.” At some point, doesn’t everyone want to see themselves that way? Maybe you have, or maybe you do. If you could wear any sexy garment that you’ve ever seen, what would it be?! Corsets and garters? A timeless slip? A sheer body […]

22 Jun 2016
Allure by LH Taylor - Austin boudoir and beauty

Someone Else’s Eyes

ften we see ourselves quite differently, and more critically, than others see us. What I love about portraiture is how we’re able to translate what we see into something clients can see through our eyes. I’m always amused by their reactions when they see themselves in my photos and say “I’ve never seen myself like that and nobody has ever captured that side of me.” (real quote) I mean here you have this badass personal trainer who boxes and trains on […]

20 Jun 2016
Behind the scenes with Allure by LH Taylor, boudoir and beauty

Behind the Scenes

absolutely love this behind the scenes capture of my recent shoot with Kay. She’s a kickass personal trainer from Round Rock who schooled me on branched chain amino acids while hitting exactly the poses I asked of her. I was a little worried that I’d have trouble showing a super strong, muscular woman who’s lost 40 lbs in a feminine enough way that she’d be happy with the results. When I see muscles, my mind goes into fitness mode, but this […]

20 Jun 2016
Allure by LH Taylor - boudoir and beauty for every woman

I See Your Beauty Even If You Don’t

  ithout any formal photography training, everything I do is the result of years of trial and error. Each of my photos is the product of constant, daily study not only of photography and editing, but also of people. What makes you your most beautiful? Is it a slight tilt of your head? Your hair swept over to one side? Do you have graceful shoulders? Exquisite hands? Sometimes, we’re in between shots and you’re about to get up and I say […]

06 Jun 2016

I Like What I See

ou know, this is the first time in my life that I’ve looked in the mirror and liked my body. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never struggled with obesity or the things that society pressures us into feeling ashamed about. I’ve been on the other end of the spectrum: lean. But now, when I look in the mirror, I see my hard-earned achievements from the past 4 years in the gym and I like it. It’s a sad statement to make […]