Artful Boudoir

Artful boudoir - Allure by LH Taylor, Austin beauty and boudoir
I heard a great phrase today: Artful Boudoir. It spoke to me because it describes perfectly why I shoot the way I do. I strive to create “artful boudoir,” where I present my subject in a way that’s artistic rather than contrived or forced. That’s not to say there aren’t also some standard poses that totally work for what I do. Rather, I just enjoy the drama of it all and if I can do it in a sensual way, then all the better!

I still lament that I never learned photography as a kid because I really enjoyed it. But back in those film days, it was really expensive to use up a roll of film only to discover in two weeks that you screwed up the exposure on all the shots.

Suddenly I find a rhyme and reason for my visions and now create with purpose.

So I put my camera down…..for 16 years. Then the digital revolution happened and the right side of my brain experienced a reawakening. Now, it’s been almost 16 years since I picked the camera back up and I can create to my heart’s content. Except now I can combine my artful intent with my love of all things retro.

Suddenly I find a rhyme and reason for my visions and now create with purpose. These storylines in my head help me to communicate my vision to my client so they’re able to understand the mood I seek. And once that happens, we start to create dramatic, sensual imagery.

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