Good Fortune by Chance

Good Fortune by Chance, Allure by LH Taylor, Austin beauty and boudoir

[dropcap type=”2″]I[/dropcap] still remember when I first learned the word “serendipity,” discovering good fortune by chance. I was in 5th grade and it was the title of one of our textbooks. One of the greatest things in photography is to envision something, shoot it, and have it come out way better in post than you ever intended.

“What’s your favorite thing about your body?” I asked.

She responded shyly, “Probably my legs.”

“Then that’s what we’re going to make sure to capture during this session,” I said.

Truth be told, I really struggle with overhead shots like these. I sometimes fantasize about having a scaffold setup where I can hover over a subject without getting my foot in the shot. Nothing’s worse than feeling like you have the most amazing shot and then finding your foot in the bottom corner. Sure I could spend a lot of time editing my foot out, but I like to try to get it right in camera first.

So there I was, hovering over her as much as I could without falling forward and we took a series of overhead shots.

“Do me a favor, tuck that sheet over there. Okay, now put your foot here. Slide it this way….higher….higher….no wait, lower. There. Wait, can you turn your hip a little more this way?”

That’s what you go through with me in a session, but you know what? When we get the shot, we get the shot, and you’re going to look pretty amazing.

I don’t care if you’re shy. I don’t care if you don’t think you’re sexy. You’ve definitely got it, but sometimes you just don’t know it until someone shows it to you.

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    • Thank you, Danea! I agree, they ARE gorgeous and it’s no wonder they’re her favorite part of her body.

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