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I'm so glad you're considering a boudoir session with Allure. I believe in showing women in their sexiest, most beautiful way. The session begins with lots of pampering, loud talking, music, laughing, and an expert to make it your best hair and make up day ever.

This is all included in your Session Fee, as well as the time it takes to fully edit your proofs before viewing. I want you to see the images in their final form so what you see is what you get.

I offer plenty of products to suit your needs whether that means discreet albums and photo boxes or the big and bold declarations of wall displays and composites.

It's one of those beautiful things where there's actually nothing going on in the picture, and you're forced to use your filthy little imagination. - Greg Renoff

Below you'll find a more in-depth discussion of the Session Fee. We offer only one option because we want you to enjoy your experience rather than limit that experience based on cost. The products you purchase after your session will determine your total cost, but most clients can expect to spend anywhere from $600 to $1200 in product purchases.

Do you offer payment plans?
Absolutely!  Please be aware, however, that orders cannot be processed or delivered until they’ve been paid in full.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, checks, and all major credit cards. If you prefer, I can invoice you electronically and you’ll have the opportunity to pay online using your credit card.

Session Fee - $450

Allure charges a $450 Session Fee and here's what it comes with:

  • Professional Hair and Make-up
  • Pre-Session Telephone Consultation
  • Up to 3 hours shooting time
  • You can wear up to 6 outfits
  • Lingerie Guide
  • Fully edited photos for your Ordering Session