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Love your body -- Allure by LH Taylor, Austin beauty and boudoir

[dropcap type=”2″]I[/dropcap] always like to ask my subjects what their favorite part of their body is. The answers are always so different. For some it’s their eyes or smile, for others their legs or arms, and still others, their back or feet. Years ago, I asked a dear friend who, much like myself shortly before, was feeling down about herself. She had plenty to say about what she didn’t like but hadn’t given any consideration to what she did like. So I gave her some time to ponder this question and she came back with:

“I like my feet. They’re pretty and feminine.”

At the time, her feet were the only thing she liked about her body! I have to admit, there was a time, too, when I had very little I liked about my own body. As a forever “lean” person, it was hard to gain weight. I’m sure some women would say “Oh what a great problem to have,” but when you’re a guy, you feel pressure to conform to society’s idea of what a real man looks like.

Of course when the person I’m photographing tells me what they like about their bodies, I try to showcase that in the best way I can. This woman’s was her legs and for good reason. I think everyone should think about what they like more often than what they don’t like about their bodies. It makes a difference in their self-accepting outlook. Sure it’s great to focus on what you want to change about your body, but don’t let that dictate how you feel about yourself.

If you like your shoulders, then you rock the SHIT out of them and make sure people see them….often. So tell me, are you brave enough to tell me what you like about your body?

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