I See Your Beauty Even If You Don’t

Allure by LH Taylor - boudoir and beauty for every woman


[dropcap type=”2″]W[/dropcap]ithout any formal photography training, everything I do is the result of years of trial and error. Each of my photos is the product of constant, daily study not only of photography and editing, but also of people.

What makes you your most beautiful? Is it a slight tilt of your head? Your hair swept over to one side? Do you have graceful shoulders? Exquisite hands? Sometimes, we’re in between shots and you’re about to get up and I say “Stop! Wait a second. Let me get this shot.” It may not be my desired composition. It may not even be fully in focus. But I do see that sexy side of you, and I can show you beauty you may never have even realized you had.

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