Someone Else’s Eyes

Allure by LH Taylor - Austin boudoir and beauty

[dropcap type=”2″]O[/dropcap]ften we see ourselves quite differently, and more critically, than others see us. What I love about portraiture is how we’re able to translate what we see into something clients can see through our eyes. I’m always amused by their reactions when they see themselves in my photos and say “I’ve never seen myself like that and nobody has ever captured that side of me.” (real quote)

I mean here you have this badass personal trainer who boxes and trains on a daily basis. Her friends, clients, and fans all see her as this tough, strong, self-described “tomboy.” Yet when I’m photographing her, all I see is a giggly, sexy, feminine woman who happens to also be strong, determined, and goal-oriented. Of course one of my talents is being hilarious, but my biggest talent is knowing how to show you the beauty I see in you.

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