The Wonder of Faces

The Wonder of Faces - Allure by LH Taylor - Austin beauty and boudoir

[dropcap type=”2″]I[/dropcap] have mentioned before to others how much I love people’s faces. I study them closely when I meet people, paying attention to their expressions, how their mouth moves when they pronounce certain syllables, whether their eyebrows are expressive when they talk. It’s my way of getting to know people, but it’s also a subconscious habit borne out of my photography.

I’m sure it sounds weird to say “You have a beautifully well-defined philtrum!” or “Your nostrils¬†(nares) are so interesting!” So I make sure to keep my weirdo comments to myself. But these things make you beautiful to me because they’re unique to¬†you. Only you have that specific combination of facial traits, and to me, that’s pretty freaking amazing.

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